Principles of the Naturopath

The Principles of the Naturopath

The Naturopathic movement began in Germany with the establishment of Sanatoria by the Hydropaths. Benedict Lust took the teachings to America at the turn of the century and shortly afterwards the name was changed from Hydropath to Naturopath.

Naturopathy has been defined as that philosophy, art and science which assists the self-recuperative process of the body through the use of natural physical, biochemical, herbal and other natural therapies.

The Naturopath

The Naturopath is particularly concerned to treat the real cause and not just the effect or symptoms of disease.

Following from the above statement is a brief outline of the main causes of disease as understood from the naturopathic point of view.

These are:

  • Nervous enervation or depletion of the body due to faulty diet, spinal misplacement, psychological stress and lack of rest.
  • Accumulation of toxins in the item due partly to eating of polluted, refined and devitalised foods and also resulting from the general tiredness and nervous exhaustion of modern man.
  • Deficiencies in minerals, vitamins and trace elements due to inadequate foods, over-processed or refined foods grown in inadequate soils.

The Role of the Naturopath

The task of the Naturopath is twofold:

  • To educate the patient to take more responsibility for his health and to assist him to understand the fundamental laws of health relating to rest, exercise, nutrition and hygiene.
  • To use natural therapies to increase the vitality of the individual and to remove accumulated wastes which are impending the function of organs and tissues.

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