Rodney Sparks – Relieving Pain through Natural Therapies

Over a long career on the Gold Coast and in Hobart in Therapeutic Massage and Natural Therapies (approximately 30 years), Rodney Sparks can offer several different therapies to find the cause of your problem and effectively treat any aches, pain and sickness you may be experiencing.

He is fully qualified in Naturopathy and Homeopathy which he keeps current by doing refresher courses each year. Being a Herbalist as well, Rodney can also prescribe herbal mixes for individual needs.

Homotoxicology and Biomesotherapy (working to remove toxins and traumas from the body) can be added to his list of accomplishments.

As a Remedial Therapist, Rodney has full knowledge of:

  • Therapeutic Massage
  • Dorn therapy (Removes partial dislocations of bone structure)
  • Counter Strain (Dramatic relief for pain from shortened Tendons)
  • Cranial Sacral Therapy

By using the appropriate therapy Rodney can help with Neck Pain, Shoulder Pain, Back Pain, Spinal and Foot Problems.

“Treatment using ‘“global” Counterstrain Technique from Rodney Sparks’ Clinic lengthens and restores strained tendons and ligaments (connective tissue) to their original length and strength, which then allows muscles to relax and therefore increases blood flow by lowering resistance throughout the body.

Overall this process can be used to further dramatically optimize even the connective tissue within the arteries and veins themselves. A doubling of circulation efficiency: more wastes out, more nutrients in – you therefore remain younger longer.”

Other Qualifications:
• Buteyko Therapist (For the Relief of Asthma)

By putting all above therapies together in a holistic balance and unravelling problems with structure and functions of the human body, miracles can happen as the system is stimulated to heal itself.


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